Starting A Cupcake Business

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When you first embark on a new path and begin a new business, every decision you make needs to be carefully considered.

What if you started a cupcake business?

With luck, you have already started research or have researched your industry and your competition for business analysis and reference.
Competition is competition and consumers often don’t consider the difference at first. Someone may simply be looking for a cupcake and only feel like making one stop. Always envision how you will stand out.

Of course you have a website by now. If you don’t Decca Media can consult and help. Look at your website as the first step in advertising. There is no need to use print banners or print media. Develop a fan base and compile an email list. Consider starting a newsletter that offers insightful tidbits and recipes.
How are you going to attract people and cultivate loyal customers?
Consider free samples and tasting days. You don’t need a store front to create a buzz. A good idea would be to start targeting local restaurants and offering your services for desserts and developing other partnerships with hotels and schools.

What about marketing?

This can be daunting, and you can waste a lot of money. We recommend breaking your initial marketing plan into phases. Aside from saving you money this approach will also engage you and your staff, helping to develop vital skills that can be used towards your business as it develops and grows.

You should have a website and a blog ready to go. You should also start optimizing your social media sites (Pinterest and Twitter for example). In fact – you should be taking pictures of your cupcake creations and “pinning” them, tweeting them and posting content all over the place.
As you do continue deploy this approach you’ll find that you start to develop an online presence. Maybe you feel the need to embark on an organic seo (un-paid click) campaign. We don’t recommend traditional PR at this point, but more something we call PR 2.0 – web based articles and content, strategic partnership and feedback opportunities.
Maybe we need to build an app and upload some content about your cupcakes on YouTube. Can you bake in front of the camera?

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